War of the Vampir

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Over 3000 years ago, the growing political manipulation of the Planar powers by Vam'pir spies and agents became too obvious to deny. These agents were destabilizing the governments of all the Planes.

Thus, a secret pact was made between the Powers of the Planes: the Vam'pir must be eliminated. The standing armies of all the Planes coordinated a secret invasion of the Shadow Vale, laying siege to the Vam'pir cities. The siege was brutal, with innumerable mortals dying as their generals hurled their armies at the massive war machines and monumental Colossi that guarded the cities. When all appeared lost, the Gods intervened.

It remains unclear why the Gods chose this moment to join the fray, but as the stunned armies looked on, the Divine Hosts began the systematic destruction of the Vam'pir defenses. Accounts describe the appearance of the Archdemons, the Wild Gods, the Great Dragons, the Balefire Archons, the Galeforce Archons, the Lodestone Archons, and the Glacial Archons decimating the defending constructs as well as the fleeing Vam'pir contingent. A few isolated accounts claim the Luminal Host of Lakana, and the Umbral Host of Visaku were present, but this is not considered credible.''

~ Rugen, Fae Scholar, Excerpt from "The Great War of the Vam'pir" in Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.