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The Prophecy[edit | edit source]

...Behold! I tell you in time there will those to come forth,

Power granted to them over the Planes you could not but dream!...''

~ The Goddess Lakana, as recounted in the Protemic Tablets, Tablet XIV: 9-10

The Kinumon Astra[edit | edit source]

Of the so-called "Kinumon Astra", very little is known, and the full extent of its power has get to be seen. It was first named, by myself, in the ancient Fae language and means literally "Mover of the Stars". This magical capacity is unrivaled by all other magical schools to the present, and has the unique ability to transform the actual material form of the land itself. The energy and control necessary to perform such acts must be enormous, and quite terrifying to contemplate. So far this ability, first manifest among the latest generation within select individuals of many Planar Races, has had little political, geographical, and economic impact. However, as more of these individuals make themselves known, the long-term implications of their presence remains unknown
~ Rugen, Fae historian, Excerpt from his recent tract "Planar Wardens and their Powers"

The New Generation[edit | edit source]

We Planar Wardens are something new, never imagined by our mothers and grandmothers. We are the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Lakana, and we now have the power to shape the Planes to our will, unrestricted by the dictates of the past, and the restrictions of reality.
~ Anonymous Dark Elf Planar Warden, quoted in Rugen's tract "Planar Wardens and their Powers"