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The Libraries of the Planes[edit | edit source]

Alas! That the Great Library of U'luksandria has burned and the traditions of the academy lie in tatters!
~ Account of the words of Ephemera, Fae Philosopher, 7th Century A.R.
Today, the great books of long ago, the wisdom of centuries lie destroyed, lost, or scattered among the peoples of the Planes. I have striven to copy, translate and collect as many volumes as I can for this little library of mine here in New U'luksandria, but my paltry collection is but a speck in the shadow of the collections of the lost Great Library...

...It would seem that there is little love of learning left among the Races of the Planes, though there still remain determined individuals who continue to write, think, and examine our world. There is this new generation of so-called Planar Wardens, and in them I see a new spark for a growing interest in exploration and inquiry. Their curiosity and wanderlust will surely result in new accounts of Planar travel, which in turn may shed further light on older texts...

~ Rugen, Fae historian, Introduction to the Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.

Library Collection[edit | edit source]

*Planar Races and Planar Species - East Wing
~ Sign in Main Foyer of the New U'ulksandria Library and Natural History Museum

The Astral Terra Wiki as Library[edit | edit source]

In the Lore of Astral Terra as recorded in the Wiki and the shared fictional "Planar Library" sets out not to pretend to be a repository of objective truths about the world of Astral Terra. Rather, it has been written in such a way to reflect that this library, (and one could argue all real-world libraries), is a collection of subjective observations and ideas based on experience, research, tradition, and hypothesis.

To reflect this, all lore is given in terms of excerpts of books and accounts by fictional non-player characters and characters within the game. The confounding truth is that, as in the real-world, the veracity of the claims given by the authors may not always be wholly correct. Indeed, often it might be completely incorrect, and based in the traditions practiced by the fictional entry authors. Players are encouraged to add their own accounts of their travels and experiences and to give credit to their characters.

To find out more about how to format your accounts, visit the Style Guide.