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~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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The Fae
Historical information
Home Plane

Fae Sanctum


Da'lea the Green

Physical description
Racial Family



Male and Female

Height Range

5' 8" - 6' 3" (1.7 - 1.9 m.)

Mass Range

120 - 175 lbs. (54.4 - 79.4 kg.)

Maximum Age

575 standard years

Hair colors

numerous: pale blonde to dark black with gold flecks

Eye colors

numerous: pale blue to dark brown

Skin colors

light tan

Description[edit | edit source]

These are a fair and wise race, born among the Fae'ri races of Fae Sanctum. They are strong and proud, fond of the forests and fens that abound on Fae Sanctum. They can be quick to anger but are generally peace loving and kind to strangers. They clothe themselves in garments fashioned from the plants of the forest or craft them to look as such. They have a great fondness for nature and are considered by many the most civilized of all the races of Fae'ri.

They tend to be tall, and slender in build. Their complexion is a light tan, but may vary due to clan or geographic location. Upon either side of the forehead above each eye grows a single horn. The appearance of these horns can vary among Fae, there is a definite variation between sexes. Among Fae males the horns tend to be robust and curl backwards behind the ear, while Fae females tend to have long thin horns that spread out to the sides and branch towards the ends.''

~ Rugen, Fae Scholar, Excerpt from "The Noble Race of the Fae" in Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.

Origins[edit | edit source]

When Da'lea alit upon the newly formed Zatur, she did form the many races of the Fae'ri.

From the abundant plants and trees did she make and form her children. She did form the Faun'il, the Og'orin, the Ar'boril, the Bog'gar, the Kel'pi, the Pix'i, the Shi'dae, the Koeb'ol, the Gren'dil, and the Hipus'il.

Then did she look about, saying "I do adore all my children, but they are wild and without temperance. I must form yet another race that will be the wisest among them, temperate in spirit and mind. They will guide and rule over the others of my races and teach them wisdom."

So then did she finally form the Fae, to teach and rule the other races of the Fae'ri.''

~ The Holy Writings of the Fey, Book of Creation, Chapter 8: 1-4

Cultural History[edit | edit source]

Long is the history of the Fae, for among all the races of Fae'ri, they have been most pursuant of recording their deeds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of records that precede 653 A.R. were lost in the Great Fire of Eluk'andria that destroyed it's Great Library. I have recovered copies of certain tomes of that library which remained elsewhere, and likely there are many more yet to be discovered. The ruins of Eluk'andria themselves remain lost to time, and who can say what gems of learning may yet be found if the city is unearthed.

What can be assembled from the extant texts is that before 3575 B.R., the races of Fae Sanctum were divided into clans, tribes, and warbands. They generally maintained an equilibrium of peace, punctuated occasionally by spats over territory. The remnant human colonies were largely left to their own devices.

During this time the 4th and 5th Daemon Wars were raging across the Planes. The legions of the Daemonic Hordes would frequently travel to Fae Sanctum for resources of wood, clean water and certain minerals, but there was no strength among the races of Fae'ri to oppose them. The one virtue of the weakness of the clans at this time was that the races of Fae'ri were not perceived as a threat, and therefore were spared any substantial attacks by the Daemonic Horde.

~ Rugen, Fae historian, Exerpts from "The Histories of the Fae'ri

Notable Historical Events[edit | edit source]