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~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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The Dwarves
Historical information
Home Plane

The Elemental Plane of Earth


Novog the Brown

Physical description
Racial Family



Male and Female

Height Range

3' 8" - 4' 11" ( m.)

Mass Range

100 - 175 lbs. ( - 79.4 kg.)

Maximum Age

735 standard years

Hair colors

numerous: chesnut brown to dark black

Eye colors

numerous: dark blue to dark brown

Skin colors

pale tan

Description[edit | edit source]

These are a sturdy and stalwart race, born among the Bogov'rin races of the Elemental Plane of Earth. They are courageous and thoughtful, preferring to delve in cramped tunnels and vast halls of stone deep within the Elemental Plane of Earth, and the colonies they have settled elsewhere. They can be a secretive and easily offended people, but they are generous in their hospitality and merry when among trusted friends. They generally choose clothing functional to the needs of mining and digging, made of heavy cloth and leather. They have a great fondness for the dark, and only recent generations have become comfortable traveling about under open skies.

They are short in stature, but robust in build. Their complexion is a pale tan shading to pinkish hues, but may vary due to clan or nation. Male dwarves favor beards, often braiding or styling them into lavish designs. Female dwarves too share an interest in hair styling, inventing imaginative coifs.''

~ Rugen, Fae Scholar, Excerpt from "The Merry Race of the Dwarves" in Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Novog dwelt in the darkness and cool of the deep rock of Old Zatur, the darkness was good and the cool was good.

On occasion he would burrow through the stone and soil, and the burrowing was good.

One day he sat within his grand hall of stone and began to chip and scrape upon a small lump of stone. This pleased him.

When he was done he had formed a multitude of crude forms tall and mighty. He named them Stuhac, "The Tall Ones" and clapped his hands together. In doing so the energy of his being did enter into the forms and they lived, Novog found the creating to be good...

...Yet none of his creations achieved the perfection of his vision, no being had he made in his own image. This was not good.

So drawing into himself he thought long upon his own being, and grew in his knowledge of himself. This knowing was good.

So he began again with the stone as of old and this time he formed it as he knew himself to be: broad and thick of limb. This was the perfected good.

When he was done the myriad of perfected forms lay reflected in the stone. He named them Khazurin, "The Perfected People". And this time when he clapped it was not just to impart life but it was with joy and merriment of a task well completed.

These people, our people, were made wiser than the other Races of Earth and Stone. They were clever and dexterous with their hand, capable of form a multitude of tools and mechanisms. With these they followed the example of their creator, making the good burrowing, residing in halls of stone, and seeking always to better know oneself.''

~ The Book of Khazurin, Book of Crafting, Chapter 5: 1-4, 19b-23

Cultural History[edit | edit source]

Notable Historical Events[edit | edit source]