Dark Elves

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I must complete this entry when I get a moment...
~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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The Dark Elves
Historical information
Home Plane

The Shadow Vale


Da'lea the Green

Physical description
Racial Family



Male and Female

Height Range

5' 8" - 6' 3" (1.7 - 1.9 m.)

Mass Range

120 - 175 lbs. (54.4 - 79.4 kg.)

Maximum Age

345 standard years

Hair colors

numerous: pale white to dark black

Eye colors

numerous: blood red to jet black with silver flecks

Skin colors

varies: deep gray to pale blue

Description[edit | edit source]

Once called brothers as the Shi'dae, now banished to the Shadow Vale they are called the ignominious "Rak'Shidar", the "Wicked Children of the Shidae". This accursed race represents the greatest failure of the Fae'ri races. They are hard and cruel, caring nothing for the beauty of nature, content to conspire in their dark hives on the Shadow Vale. They are obsessed with growing their powers of magic and military might, seeking out forbidden tomes and secrets better lost to time. They adorn themselves in hideous armor made from the chitinous shells of giant insects and the leather of fell beasts. Of all the races of Fae'ri they are known to be the most wicked and uncivilized.

They tend to be tall, and slight of build, though less so than their Fae cousins. They posses much shorter ears as well. Their skin has undergone a hideous transformation from the original pink and tan before their exile, to deep grays and pallid sickly blues. As so their skin, so too their hair has changed radically since exile to that twisted Plane of darkness and evil. Once golden and auburn, their hair is now white as milk and shades to a sickly black''

~ Rugen, Fae Scholar, Excerpt from "The Accursed Rak'Shidar" in Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.

Origins[edit | edit source]

...Thus did the war rage on between the Shi'dae and their Fae oppressors.

"Never shall we bear the yoke of servitude to your power!" shouted Arthyx, brother of Morgwyl, above the din of battle. In that moment, Arthryx's squire Kaen, in league with the oppressor did plunge his poisoned dagger into the back of his half-brother, and sworn Lord.

There Arthyx fell, and with him the magical protections and reinforcement of the Shi'dae warriors. Soon routed, his noble forces were encircled on the Plain of Yarbo, and there Morgwyl did surrender to the host of the Fae...

...Before the gathered tribunal Morgwyl stood, proud and unbent. "We shall not submit to a return to second-class citizens! We would rather leave this beautiful realm of light so darkened by your oppression, and depart to a realm of darkness with the light of freedom." Morgwyl then took her leave of the tribunal, to the astonishment of them all.

Gathering the whole host of the Shi'dae, she bound a tremendous gate to the Realm of Shadow. And so with heads unbowed they departed for the blasted heaths of the broken Zatur.

When the last member of the Shi'dae host passed the threshold of the gate, Morgwyl turned to close it. Before she would do so, she shouted so that all looking on could hear, a curse and a threat that echoes in every Shi'dae heart.

"Make strong your wards Fae'ri! And build high your walls! Train well your conscripts! For we shall return to claim our birth-right, and when we do we shall spare not one who opposed us! Even to the babe on the breast shall we slaughter you until none remain! You are all cursed for this great injustice! Know you that you have brought this on youself!"

And with that the gate was closed...

...In the fullness of time did the Council of Nine, led by Morgwyl assembled, saying to themselves, "Indeed the perils of the dark are more formidable than we once imagined. So too then must we exceed in cleverness to cloak our bodies in darkness to hide us in the shadows.

So a great magic was wrought, and sacrifices of beast and blood were made to Shivanyx, he who is called death. And a darkened wave spread across the race of Shi'dae, marking new color upon their flesh and hair to match the shadows and confound the eyes of the beasts and creatures of the dark.''

~ The Black Book of Morgwyl, Chapter 3: 5-7a, 13b-17a , Chapter 15: 9b-10

Cultural History[edit | edit source]

Notable Historical Events[edit | edit source]