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Though Astral Terra is currently in Pre-Alpha, the game is already heavily featured.

Core Game Features(Not all are fully developed-see below for pre-alpha listing)[edit | edit source]

  • PLAY YOUR WAY! CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER! – No starting Archetypes – your character grows the way you play them based on your actions and discoveries. Make your character your own through the character customizer where you will choose your sex (male or female) from 3 unique starting races: The Fae, Dark Elves or Dwarves. As development continues, options will increase for changing hair, body type, clothing and more!
  • DYNAMICALLY GENERATED INFINITE WORLDS - With a robust modern smooth voxel system, our worlds are generated on the fly every time a player starts a new game (or loads up a saved world that they’ve already worked on). Worlds include unique and different biomes (ie: haunted forest, mountains, plains, lush tropical areas, etc) as well as a full underground cave system, interactive water & a fully destructible, editable, and infinite environment.
  • BUILDING AND SCULPTING - Create or carve any shape you like with our flexible voxel system. This means clay-like blobs, cubes, spheres, octagons, diamonds and every other shape imaginable. Also, maybe you don’t want to make a definite shape and just want to design a smooth, voxel-based chunk of land, or a unique building? Anything is possible in Astral Terra. You can also use one of the pre-fabricated pieces (or prefabs) for quick building.No restrictions, endless replay potential.
  • MINING AND CRAFTING – Gather ingredients & resources from combat drops OR from mining your land to build new items, prefabs and recipes.Our in-depth crafting system will have hundreds of weapons, armor and other items to craft with all of the various resources to be found.
  • COMBAT AND LOOTING – Dynamic MOB system that gives players the option to both fight and befriend monsters. Fighting monsters will allow you to pick up their drops to later use for crafting materials, pre-fabs, spells, and other recipes. Befriending monsters will help protect your land from other invaders.
  • DISCOVERY & ADVENTURE – Unlock the mysteries of the world through exploration and discovery. Travel to other planes to find rare resources needed to craft the most epic gear and strongholds. Explore underground caves & find dynamic dungeons. Rare and fantastical creatures are spread across the world waiting to be discovered. With the infinitely generating procedural voxel world, the only limit to your journeys is your imagination.
  • SKILLS & XP – Gain XP through combat, exploration and questing. Choose skills based on the type of player you want to be and the type of adventures you complete. Unlock wizard spells by finding hidden libraries full of tomes. Discover your faith and unlock priestly divine powers by finding lost temples. Become a powerful warrior by honing your skills in melee combat and smithing your own weapons and armor. You decide how your character progresses.
  • SOLO & MULTIPLAYER OPTIONS – Play alone or Invite friends to join your world or travel to other players worlds with the in-game server browser. Sign in, make a character, host your game. Your friends will see your game and can join you – all done seamlessly without third party software.

Pre-Alpha Features[edit | edit source]

In Game Now:[edit | edit source]

  • Resource Harvesting
  • Crafting System
  • Terrain Editing Tools (Building, Digging)
  • Terraforming
  • Dynamic World Generation(with Seeds)
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Interactive Water
  • Mobs
  • Combat and Looting
  • Weapons
  • Spell Casting
  • Wildlife/Animals
  • Prefabs
  • Player Housing
  • 3 Starting races with 2 sexes for each race(male or female)
  • Powers, Attributes and XP.
  • Some Survival System Components(hunger, MOBS)

Coming:[edit | edit source]

  • Mutiplayer(players can join friends, but cannot see all terrain modifications-in progress)
  • Travel to other planes(Fey Vale will be the starting plane and there are different biomes within the first starter plane).
  • Dungeons and quests
  • Character Customization-Changing hair, body type, etc
  • Starter Missions (have 1 so far)
  • Multiple armor types
  • More MOB types
  • MOB Factions(friend or foe) and Rewards
  • More crafting recipes and items
  • User generated content
  • PVP