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Races of Abyss[edit | edit source]


Races of Fae Sanctum[edit | edit source]

The Fae'ri[edit | edit source]

Other Fae Sanctum Residents[edit | edit source]


Races of Fire[edit | edit source]


Races of Earth[edit | edit source]

Races of Wind[edit | edit source]


Races of Water[edit | edit source]


Races of the Shadow Vale[edit | edit source]


Other Shadow Vale Residents[edit | edit source]

Notes on "Race" and Astral Terra[edit | edit source]

The creators of the Astral Terra universe recognize that the term "Race" can be a loaded term and is a purely culturally constructed concept in the real world. However, in holding with the fantasy genre, "Race" is meant to refer to any of many groups of sentient life-forms that can be seen as biologically distinct from one another. As in many other fantasy universes, this does not preclude the possibility of inter-racial relationships and even the possibility of hybrid offspring where reproductive compatibility exists. This makes Race in our fantasy context much more fluid and due to the heavy presence of magic, not entirely bound by conventional laws of biology. The creators of Astral Terra, additionally have gone to lengths to show that race in Astral Terra, unlike may other fantasy universes, is not a necessary determinate of personality, ability, ethical or mental capacity. Rather, these tendencies vary wildly among individuals and are more likely governed by the culture in which an individual is born and raised.

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