Blood Fiends

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~ Rugen, Fae Historian
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Blood Fiends
Historical information
Home Plane

Shadow Vale



Physical description


Height Range

5'6" to 6'9" (1.67 - 2.03 m.)

Mass Range

Unknown, extremely dense (In excess of 300 lbs., 227 kg.)

Maximum Age


Hair colors


Eye colors


Skin colors

Pale White to Pale Blue


Blood Fiends are a wild humanoid race, with bat-like features well adapted to life on the nearly lightless Shadow Vale. They have sharp teeth and claws capable of rending flesh and bone. They possess exceptional hearing, but their eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight. So named, they are entirely dependent on the Dark Elves for their survival, requiring elven blood to remain functioning and healthy. When deprived of this infusion of blood for over twelve standard hours, they go into seizures and eventually a rigid dead state. Elven blood will return them to life, but mental capacity seems to be diminished.

They possess an unnatural strength and durability unique to their race. Their physiology remains largely mysterious, seeming to depend largely on magic and the blood they drink. They cannot be cut or gored like ordinary flesh, rather they crack and shatter into stone-like fragments. It is believed that these fragments may be capable of reconstitution, as Dark Elven slaves are often seen gathering fragments in great baskets after battles before returning to the Shadow Vale.''

~ Rugen, Fae Scholar, Excerpt from "Bluud Fiends and their Ways" in Encyclopedia Planitia, 17th ed.


The origin of the Blood Fiend race is a matter of speculation as they do not appear in the historical record until after the banished Dark Elves made their first incursions back into the Fae Sanctum and other Planes in 2705 A.R. In fact, it is not known what their true name may be. The Dark Elves refer to them simply as "Sanguo'hil", or Blood Slaves.

Therefore, there are three possibilities of their origin:

  • 1.) The most likely scenario is that they are simply another Race of beings created by Shivanyx to populate the Shadow Vale
  • 2.) They may be a species that originated on another Plane, but migrated after the Binding of Ways became common over 7000 years ago. This is also extremely likely due to the great traffic and diaspora of innumerable species between planes, intelligent or otherwise. These species have rapidly adapted, as the Blood Fiends may have, either through natural selection, breeding, or magical influence.
  • 3.) They are magically mutated creations of the Dark Elves, derived from Human, or Elven stock to serve as shock troops for their innumerable skirmishes.'
~ Grithin the Younger, Pix'i historian, Excerpt from The Accountings of the Planar Races

Cultural History

Blood Fiends and the Dark Elves