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Welcome to Your Adventures on the Planes!

Astral Terra is an Indie, fantasy-themed sandbox RPG in a beautiful smooth voxel world that’s generated on the fly and completely editable. No two players will have the same experience as everything from the skills you learn to the world you play in is fully unique and customizable.

Play a character from the new generation of magically-empowered Planar Wardens who wield powerful magics never before seen: The Kinumon Astra. Gather resources for crafting and building, journey among the planes to find lost temples or libraries full of knowledge and power (scrolls and tomes) or just explore for the sake of discovery. From character progression with experience points, level and skills, to the terrain and environments, every inch of the game is procedural and editable. Shape your world and your character the way that YOU want. Fantastic creatures and epic adventures await you in this magical journey in a world limited only by your imagination – Astral Terra!

Get Early Access to the Planes

Early Access now Available on Steam!

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Become a Planar Warden, and wield the magical power of the Kinumon Astra!

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